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One  Mic  One  World

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the gear...
the audio interface
the DAW
the project
the gear
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the 'monitors'
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the music!
a bit about me...

Well when I was a teenager I played bass and the cello, and I loved music tech. I was into all sorts of music, but the Bach cello suites really got to me, so I decided I wanted to get better at the cello. I went to study and got more and more into music written in Bach's time, eventually ending up specialising in baroque music.


Many years later, during the pandemic, I started to think back about all the other passions I had when I was younger that I hadn't concentrated on for years. I thought about what I love to listen to, and all the amazing people that I've worked with in the past, and decided the time had come for me to reconnect with that past and get creative...

You can see what I've been up to with my cello @

about me
the project...
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Hi! Lucia is my name and collaboration is my game! 

I recently got funding from the amazing people at Creative Scotland to create my debut album, and I need your help to make it great!

To get the music for the album, Ive been in touch with musicians from all over the world, who specialise in all sorts of different genres, and I am collecting recordings from them, all played into the same microphone! These musicians all introduced me to a new type of music at some point in my life, and lit a spark in me.


Once I've got all the recordings collected I am going to build a track dedicated to each of these talented musicians, and thats when it starts to get really interesting...

I'm going to call on YOU, my audience, to help me with musical decision making in the album - that's right - the future of my album lies in your hands!

You might be an amateur or aspiring musician, or a total pro. Maybe you're a sound engineer or producer who wants to help me through the tech side of things, or you might be an audiophile who lives for gear. You might just love to listen to music, or have no connection to music at all but like the idea of making something with other people - whoever you are I want to collaborate with you!

To get involved, follow me on instagram to vote and add comments on my polls and quizzes, and subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch and comment on all the videos about the project, music, gear, and the artists collaborating on the album.

I can't wait for your input - all interaction welcome!

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